When choosing from our distinguished array of unique hand crafted handles please be aware that any handle will fit any model. Our standard and most popular turned Tamboti handle and the Tee handle hand shaped in Tamboti wood are included in the price of the cane.  Designed to be functional and attractive, never forgetting that our canes are primarily used as walking companions.  Our more unique Pistol Grip Warthog Tusk Ivory, Pistol Grip Impala Horn and the Hand Cast Nickel Silver Handles add $350 to the price of the cane and our unique hand turned Titanium handle  adds $450- The pure hand cast 925 Sterling Silver handle ad's approximately $790 (pending silver price) to the price of the cane. Please feel free to contact Burger Canes if you have any questions regarding handle selection.

Custom Handles

Welcome to the bespoke world of truly customized and personalized handles. Burger Canes offers a wide range of unique custom handles that can be personalized with initials and logo's to many different level of custom hand engraving. This style of custom work starts at $140- for simple initials or logo on the dome of our very popular turned tamboti handle. 


The next level of custom work is our -best grade- hand engraving, this level of custom hand engraving is best suited for our unique hand turned titanium and hand cast 925 sterling silver handle. This level of custom work starts at $450-$2800


For "full house" custom canes the best platform for this level of embellishment would be our hand turned Titanium handle, offering the largest surface for bespoke -best grade- hand engraving work on the dome and flute of the handle with options for 24K gold inlay, secondly the hand cast 925 sterling silver handle offering only the centre of the dome of this handle for engraving and is best suited for  initials and logo's in semi deep relief style. Lastly there is the Turned Hard Wood handle (ball and flute style) or Tee handle that can have limited engraving of initials and logo on dome of this hard wood handle starting at $140.


Other options for custom handle work is the scrim art work of the Pistol Grip Warthog Tusk Ivory or Custom Warthog Tusk Ivory Tee handle the latter also offering options for custom end plates in 303 stainless/925 sterling with option for further hand engraving on these surfaces. Just send me an email with what you have in mind and I will follow up with a details and options.


Pictures of custom handle work below for your perusal.


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