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Hiking Staff

Essentially a big bother to the popular, tough and discreet Country Cane model it is built in the same tradition of distinguished craftsmanship and attention to detail we are renowned for. And incorporating the rugged and seamless break down conversion and carry case a simple hiking/walking accessory to transport to the head of any trail.

Incorporating the same beautiful rapier style double edged blade as found in the MK2 & Country Cane sword cane range. The Hiker Staff incorporates the larger diameter (26mm) carbon composite shaft in matt black or woven carbon finish (woven carbon option adds $110-) and with a multi surface ferrule (tip). The standard Hiker Staff comes with our very popular, Turned Tamboti handle. And with the unique short thread locking action collars in 303 s/s allowing the blade to be extracted with two and a quarter quick turns of the handle. Offering a very secure, discreet, rugged and rattle free functionality to this hardworking Hiker Staff design. The perfect companion when you find yourself OFF the beaten track!! 

Dimensions- Overall length – 140cm/55” (In break down carry case 78cm/31”) -Blade length 450mm/17" -Shaft diameter 26mm/1" at collars tapered down to 21mm at multipurpose ferrule (rubber ferrule included with order) – Handle- Large Turned Tamboti (Diameter 45mm/1,8”ball and flute design) Weight 750 grams/27 ounces (approx.) 

Custom Upgrades Available For Hiker Staff model:

  • Custom personalized engraving of your initials or logo on the Tamboti handle starting at $140-
  • Option to add second “False Handle” with NO blade so your cane may be used in ALL situations, armed or un-armed so to speak, adds $320-
  • Custom hand engraving in a lovely free hand script font of name/initials and date or short motto on the blade or collar starting at $140-
  • Available with the discreet and seamless internal collars offering seamless shaft (no visible collars) adds $110
  • Unique Titanium handle, (best suited for Best Grade hand engraving) adds $550-
  • Custom Pistol Grip Warthog Tusk Ivory handle adds $550-
  • Stainless Damascus blade in the Odin’s eye pattern- POR
  • Custom Best Grade hand engraving on the collars, blade and titanium handle with option for 24K gold inlay. (POR)
  • Custom camera mount, with both thread sizes for standard and professional mount adding $380-
  • Upgrade to the Custom Multi-Purpose Hiker/Combo Country Cane build, the best of both worlds offering full length Hiker with conversion down to 36” Country Cane length (POR)
Price starting at US$1200 + shipping

Examples of Hiking Staff and upgrades/custom options

Please peruse the pictures on our web site to get a feel for the unique quality of custom and truly bespoke work we can offer and feel free to contact us by sending your details through our contact form . Alternatively, you may complete our order form by clicking on the "order now" button below.


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