Q: Are the Burger range of quality canes weight bearing?

A: Most definitely, all our canes have been designed and hand built to be 100% functional walking sticks designed for every day use. All our models are built with a beautiful 303 stainless steel tapered ferrule (tip) a rubber ferules are supplied with your order to be fitted over the stainless steel ferrule for comfortable walking action and for grip on smooth surfaces.


Q: What is the difference between the matt black shaft and woven carbon finishes?

A: The only difference is the finish  we apply to the two styles of shaft, with the Matt Black Carbon shaft having a more traditional look (often confused with ebony wood) and the Woven Carbon Shaft having a more modern look and feel. Both styles of shaft are custom made to our high quality standards of the same material a custom re-enforced carbon composite, offering a light and extremely strong shaft allowing us to work to the exacting  tolerances and fits that make our sword canes world renowned. Both styles of shaft are very scratch resistant and can be refurbished if need be.

Q: Can the overall length of the cane be altered?  

A: Yes we will build the cane to your specified length. The standard international norm is 92cm (36”) this will suit a person of average height.  Our maximum length we can build a canes to is approximately 98cm (39”) depending on handle choice. If you are looking for a longer cane have a look at our Hiking Staff Model.

Q: How do I determine the correct length of cane?  

A: If you have a cane that you are comfortable walking with measure from the base of the cane to the top of the handle. If this is not possible then standing upright in a comfortable posture with your fore arm bent at approximately 30 degrees from the elbow you would measure the distance from the palm of your hand to the ground. Or just let me know how tall you are.  

Q: Guarantee?   

A: Canes is a family run business with an old fashioned sense of values, where craftsmanship and service come first, we take a great amount of pride in our hand made sword canes that carry our family name, and without going into pages of small print etc. We simply stand by our motto “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back” In other words if your order arrives and is not quite what you thought you had ordered then just return it to us for a full refund.


Q: Can the blade be made longer or shorter?  

A: NO........ all our blades are skillfully and beautifully hand ground heat treated, tempered and hand finished in house. A lot of thought has gone into the overall length of our sword cane making it very affective yet not to long to be unmanageable  17.5" (440mm)

Q: Handle choice?  

A: Our range of bespoke handles are all made in house and are unique in design and the materials used. I always tell folks handle selection is a personal choice, but from a sales point of view this is the order of popularity and practicality, Ball and Flute style handles are the most practical and popular style, namely- hand Turned Tamboti (indigenous wood, included in price of cane), hand cast nickel silver incorporating pattern (adds $190), followed on by the more expensive hand turned Titanium (adds $390) and hand cast 925  Sterling silver ($690) in the same style/design as the hand cast nickel silver handle but cast in pure silver (not silver plated) these handles offer the most user friendly and practical styles . Then we have our popular Pistol Grip range in the Impala horn and unique Warthog Tusk Ivory (adds $190-). And lastly our Tee Handle hand shaped out of tamboti wood, this is more of a orthopedic style grip offering more comfort for weight bearing use. We also offer a number of unique Custom Handles, for example our Titanium handle offers a great platform for extensive custom hand engraving and 24K gold inlay work. The dome of the 925 sterling silver handle looks great with your initials hand engraved in deep relief style engraving. And many other embellishment options.

Q. Do I have to worry about problems with shipping and duties?


A. Not at all, we ship our canes around the world and have years of experience in assuring very discreet delivery of your order, I insure all orders privately so there will be no taxes/duties to worry about. Delivery is a 8-10 business day door delivery starting at $90-


Q. How do I take care of my BURGER sword cane?


A. All our canes are shipped with a detailed Care Card regarding the proper care for the different models. The basic rules are-

-Do not slam sword cane shut......a lot of care and effort is taken to get the perfect closing and locking action when the blade is inserted into the shaft for a very precise and crisp locking action to be enjoyed!!


-The Blade will only enter sword cane shaft ONE WAY, release button lined up with logo on bottom collar (or logo on blade lined up with logo on bottom collar.) Each hand ground blade is perfectly hand bedded into the sword cane shaft for the perfect fit, so if the blade is accidently inserted the wrong way you will feel the action getting tight. No damage will be done in this case just a firm pull will release the blade and then insert it correctly


-Do not oil blades or locking action of cane. Only the finest quality steel is used and corrosion/rust will not be a problem. The blade only ever needs to be wiped down with a cotton cloth from time to time. (Oil or the wrong type of oil will only attract dust/foreign objects and  slowly build up in the shaft making for tight and sticky closing/opening action over time)


-Do not expose your sword cane to extreme heat- For example: Store in direct sun light, leave exposed to sunlight in your car. The reason is, due to the very tight tolerances we achieve with our hand bedding in of blade to shaft to ensure the perfect fit. Over time the expansion and contraction of excessive heat will cause the blade to tighten up in the shaft.


Please do not attempt to  repair your Burger Sword Cane, this will normally only make matters worse. Just send me an email describing the problem and I will advise. Most repairs involve, simply shipping your cane back to our work shops were the problem with be sorted out at a minimal cost and your cane will be completely refurbished for free. (Average cost of repair/refurbish including return shipping is $140)