BURGER CUSTOM CANES UNIQUE QUALITIES : Our quality range of eight models are all individually hand made to the highest quality finishes, fits and are all designed to be 100% functional, strong, lightweight and pleasing to the eye. All our quality canes contain a beautifully hand ground, heat treated and tempered 440c steel hand finished blade masterfully hand bedded & fitted into a tapered reinforced composite carbon shaft to the perfect fit. Composite carbon shafts for our range of canes are available in matt black or woven carbon finish. All external/internal components are best grade 303 stainless steel. Also offering our very unique and comfortable range of handle choices. (We also offer a “Plain Cane” range with no blade but all custom personalized engraving options)

Our model range, designated MK1 to MK4 feature a positive locking mechanism/action with release button. So one depresses the release button and a gentle pull of the handle will smoothly release the blade. Our unique Titanium Stiletto model has the release button/pommel at the top centre of titanium handle, also offering very discreet and unique design.

For our popular Country Cane and Hiking Staff model range we offer slightly larger diameter carbon shafts with the unique, strong and discreet quick thread (screw) release action, so two big quick full turns of the handle will release the blade with a slight sprung action. All our sword canes models are designed and hand built from the ground up to be strong, functional every day weight bearing walking canes. Offering a life time of service, discreet protection and piece of mind when out on your favourite walk or trail.

All models come with spare rubber ferrules to fit over the tapered stainless steel ferrule, handmade wrist lanyard, certificate of materials used including unique serial #, care of your cane instructions card and is presented in a hand made to fit padded nylon and leather presentation/carry case. Please peruse our model range, handle choices and many custom options for personalized custom engraving and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

BURGER CUSTOM CANES-SWORD CANE DIMENSIONS : The standard length of our canes is 920 mm (36") and this will suite a person of average height. This can be altered to customer specifications at no extra cost. Weight approx. 340 grams (18oz). Blade length of all models, can not be altered 450 mm (17.5"). Shaft diameter- tapered 22 mm - 16 mm (7/8" - 5/8") Country Cane and Hiker Staff Range Shafts- Tapered 25mm (1”) -20mm (7/8”)


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