Burger Custom Canes presents a tribute to the Classic MK3 Model (Serial #126) purchased new April 1993 by John Cambridge and used on an almost daily basis for the past 21 years and still 100% functional.

We at Burger Custom Canes live by our logo statement- "Distinguished Craftsmanship" and this work ethic  you will find in every one of our quality canes. Our range of seven quality canes are all hand made to the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, this process takes time and is never rushed with some of our bespoke canes taking six to eighteen months to have ready for delivery. We use only the finest hand select materials starting with the custom handmade carbon composite shafts, tapered elegantly to the perfect fit and look. Also extremely strong, lightweight and inert. Two shaft finishes are offered matt black or clear woven carbon. These shafts are used on all models. Complimented with all external components namely, collars, release button and ferrule in 303 stainless steel.  Two styles of hand ground blades are available  both set at a standard 450mm (18") long. The length was carefully determined to be effective, yet not unwieldy and can NOT be altered.


  • Matt Black Carbon Left and  Woven Carbon Right
    Matt Black Carbon Left and Woven Carbon Right
  • Mk1 blade at bottom of picture Mk2 Blade double edged
    Mk1 blade at bottom of picture Mk2 Blade double edged
  • MK1 Model
    MK1 Model
  • MK2 Model
    MK2 Model


Seven standard models are available from Burger Knives, designated as MK1 - Mk2 - Mk3 - Mk4 - Titanium Stiletto – Country Cane - Hiker Staff and Plain Cane (no blade).



Our MK1-MK2- model range feature a positive locking action with release button fitted discreetly into the top collar of the cane. The top end MK3 and MK4 models are built with the upgraded canti-lever locking action allowing the release button to be positioned higher up the handle and ensuring the crispest and smoothest locking action.  The blade cannot be extracted without depressing the release button.


  • Classic Mk3 close up
    Classic Mk3 close up
Our Country Cane and Hiker models have the quick thread lock action, with a slight spring action once the handle of the cane is turned two and a half turns to release the blade.
All locking actions are hand fitted with great care and attention to detail is taken in this part of the hand build results in only the smoothest and most precise locking action on all our models, one of the many feature our canes are appreciated and recognized for world wide. All fittings are 303 stainless steel. All our canes have their own unique serial number engraved on the inside base of top collar and come with a quality padded nylon and leather presentation/carry case, certificate of origin with all materials used and serial number, hand breaded leather wrist lanyard and spare rubber tips to fit over the stainless and tapered cane ferule.

  • Accessories included in your quality Burger Canes order
    Accessories included in your quality Burger Canes order


So if it is a quality, strong and unique every day us cane you are looking for that will offer discreet protection or a quality custom gift for that special someone, look no further. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.